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The Problem With Dave ~ East Village

Woody Allen ~ N. 11th St. & Roebling


Stay tuned for new beats, treats & feats.

Streets iz watching.




Graffiti Furniture






















Browsing through the IKEA catalogue this weekend, we came across this DIY pine dresser.  Inspired, we began hunting down more pieces like this.  As we searched we realized IKEA was not even the tip of the iceberg…

Check out more awesome pieces under the cut!


Vicious Styles Graffiti Art Class ~ Trenton, JerZey












As the holidays swiftly approach, we find ourselves already running out of thoughtful, creative, and unique gift ideas for our loved ones.  So we were quite grateful to stumble upon this:  Vicious Syles Crew Graffiti Art Classes.  These classes will not only explore style, form, and technique, but will also give you a strong and necessary dose of the history behind it all.  Initially developed by Pose Two, this class will be taught by members of the Vicious Styles Crew.

We guarantee your Grandma’s cousin will not be receiving this from anyone else… or your siblings… or your parents… or YOU.  So if you want to be the coolest caroler on the block- get someone these classes!  Or just say “Merry Xmas to Me!” and call it a day.


Artwork courtesy of Vicious Styles Crew


Video of the Day ~ JURNE / Keys to the City

Keys to the City

Oakland-based JURNE’s video as a part of his “Keys to the City” exhibit at KLUGHAUS Gallery, providing us with a comprehensive dialogue between the artist and his work.  The video is done in collaboration with Lea Bruno who is known by her incomparable documentation of the world’s most notable graffiti artists.

The exhibit, closing this week, examines JURNE’s transition from large-scale graffiti to fine art.  Check out some of the featured work under the cut… (Continued)

NYCHOS, Hsiao Ron Cheng, Dabs&Myla ~ JOiA Magazine (video)

NYCHOS, Hsiao Ron Cheng, and Dabs & Myla all featured with sick spreads in issue #25 of JOiA Magazine.

Snowy Street Art













IT’S SNOWING!!!!  So we are bringing you some snowy street art.



Video of the Day ~ KAWS on Macy’s Parade Balloon

Brian Donnelly, aka KAWS, discusses his Companion balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.


Video via artinfo.

KAWS ~ Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade















Yesterday, the Brooklyn-based graffiti artist KAWS debuted his famous character Companion as a giant balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  We would like to congratulate KAWS on this incredible feat.  The Macy’s Parade is one of the most traditional traditions NYC has to offer and, although KAWS is a very well known artist, graffiti is still something of the underground.  Being able to insert this art form into a mainstream, cookie-cutter venue is not only something we should applaud KAWS for acheiveing, but also we should give a major kudos to the organizers for acknowledging the talent of an urban artist while furthering the message : SUPPORT THE ARTS.


Photo by Phil Davis