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NYC TACO » Interview with Gillian Telling, author of “Dirty Girls”

Interview with Gillian Telling, author of “Dirty Girls”

For the past few years Gillian Telling has been telling it like it is as sex columnist for Maxim and a ton of other magazines and websites.  She exposes the mysteries of women, and teaches guys how not to f it all up.  (Dudes – her “20 Things Men Don’t Know About Women” on thefrisky.com drops the knowledge like a library card.)

Gillian dropped by the NYCTACO party van with a pitcher of sangria and we talked about her new book “Dirty Girls: The Naked Truth About Our Dirty Secrets”.

Hola Gillian!  In “Dirty Girls” you lay it all out there, and that filthy honesty has shined like a smelly beacon for girls throughout the country.  While writing it, did you ever cross something out and go, “No that is TOO gross”?

Not really.  If you look at the chapter “Everybody Poops, Even Gisele Bundchen” I talked about a friend of mine having the runs so badly she’d gotten some on the walls and painted what we called a “Jackson Poolock”.  (Or a Poocasso.)  If I didn’t keep that one a secret, then… But I didn’t talk about women cheating.  Some do, some don’t, it’s just not a hilarious topic.  Guys can keep that one.

Readers can also look at the no holds barred accounts of your friends’ lives and say, “Yes, I too have gotten strep throat from going down on a dirty dick.”  Have these friends come up to you after reading the book and been like, “Yo Gill, WTF?”

Actually most of them were seriously proud to get a mention!  These are the same friends who once tried to convince me I had throat AIDS when I had tonsillitis, and sent me all sorts of links saying a prominent doctor had warned them about sexually transmitted herpes of the throat and actually had me concerned for a while.  That is just the nature of the beasts I know.

NYCTACO remembers your days as a Rolling Stone correspondent.  Do you still rock out or are you strictly DVD and Thai take out nowadays?  Who is your favorite artist today?

I’m actually so unhip these days that I have just embraced my formerly bad taste in music and listen to a lot of Chicago – both the 70s band and the musical soundtrack.  That said, I really dislike both Animal Collective and that weedy Taylor Swift.  When in doubt, I usually listen to Pulp.  I am old.

NYCTACO has a ladyfriend that wants to be a writer too, but she’s afraid she doesn’t have anything exciting in her life to talk about.  What piece of advice could you bestow on this timid miss?

I would never tell someone to do something wacky just to get a good story out of it – good stories have to happen organically.  Basically, don’t travel to India alone thinking you’ll be inspired to write Eat, Pray, Love 2.  You’ll probably just be really lonely and get traveler’s diarrhea.  She should get her crazier friends drunk and see what they’ll admit to.  That’s what I did!

Where’s your favorite place to get a taco in NYC?

Mercadito’s shrimp tacos are the best!  And now I am craving them and I’m all the way out in Brooklyn.  Brooklyn needs better tacos.  I’m open to suggestions, NYCTaco.

Suggest we will, Gillian,  Suggest we will.

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  1. Dirty Girls is HILARIOUS! I’m getting it for all my girlfriends for Xmas!

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